Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun filled weekend...

            Well we had a great weekend! The fun actually started on Thursday night. AG’s bed arrived earlier that day and so Andy put it together after coaching soccer. We decided to wait until Saturday night to move him to his room since we had company coming on Friday. Everything is almost in place now all we need is to put the artwork up on the wall. Here are a few pictures:

On Friday, Jeremy and Tara came up to visit and meet AG. We had dinner out at the Hungry Bull aka Longhorn and then came back here to play Guitar Hero. AG snoozed right through dinner and when we got back Jeremy gave him a checkup! (Jeremy is in med school and brought his doctor bag with him.) Andy even got to check AG’s ears out. Saturday, we had to do lunch at Schroders! 

Our dear friends, the Walkers!

Late Saturday afternoon Granddaddy and GiGi arrived. They came up for the Miss Berry pageant. We had dinner at Laredos per Miss Berry 2008 request. Granddaddy passed the chips to AG as you can see…

After dinner we headed to the DeSoto Theatre downtown for the pageant. Caroline did a wonderful job and we enjoyed being there to support her. Here are some photos from the pageant.

AG fell asleep during the talent portion of the show. 
She'll always be our Miss Water Buffalo!
Giving AG some love...

Sunday, we made it to church for the first time with AG. He wore a new RL outfit in the next size up. Our boy is growing like a weed! He slept right through the service snuggled in Mommy’s arms. Afterwards, we went to Moe’s with the Slades for lunch. We love our church and the people in our church! We have been very blessed by the relationships we have made this last year in and half at Seven Hills. 

Stylin' in my new clothes!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 1 month AG!

Wow! Hard to believe that this last month has come and gone so quickly! AG is growing like a weed these days. At his 1 month check up today he was 22 inches and 9lbs 7.8oz! That means our little man grew almost 3 inches this month. Andy is hopeful that the Edwards clan might have a tall family member after all. (Since Andy is the tallest in his family!) 

AG's crib should be here any day...praise the Lord! He has outgrown the bassinet and needs more elbow room. For example little man last night moved his arms in his sleep (startle reflex) and hit the side of the bassinet. This woke him up and he then turned his head to stare at me. He gave me a face as if to say "Mom, I need more room! I'm a growing boy!"

I got my new camera be on the lookout for new pics in the next few days. I'm going to play around with it tomorrow and take some month old pics of AG. I can already tell that I am going to have a lot of fun with this camera. Thanks to my sweet husband for providing it! I appreciate it!

Lastly, here are some pictures from Misty and Bernie's visit yesterday. Bernie met Samson for the first time and they did really well together. Samson has a lot to teach little Miss Bernie! :) It was great to spend time with Mis and AG enjoyed the special attention. 

Showing Aunt Mis that I'm a big boy and can hold my own bottle.

After a fun afternoon of playing and getting to know each other the pups crashed before dinner!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We spent a wonderful, relaxing day at home as a family. My men sent me a gorgeous bouquet of tulips...and I was completely caught off guard. It was very sweet. In the evening we took some pictures of Samson letting AG lounge on him. At one point AG was waving his arms around and he was "touching" Samson's ears. To which Sambo had to turn around and look at AG before he could go back to sleep. 

 Well AG has had a great week and is getting bigger everyday. He is filling out his clothes and will soon outgrow his "Newborn" clothes. This coming week he goes for his one month checkup and we can't wait to see how much he weighs. (This past week Andy did an "unofficial" weigh in by weighing himself first and then re-weighing himself with AG in his arms. AG's unofficial weight as of Wednesday was 9lbs. We'll see how that stacks up at the doctor's office.) We'll keep you posted on the results. :)

Thursday, we celebrated Andy's 26th birthday by taking him to dinner at Provino's. Caroline and Jason joined us for dinner. AG did well even though we did a late dinner due to Andy's coaching schedule. Afterwards, we came home and some of my college girls came over to watch Grey's. AG is already a ladies man! He loved being passed around and snuggling with all of the girls on the couch.

On another note, in the coming weeks we should have the nursery completely finished. Andy finally decided on a crib and ordered it. I'm in the process of having several pieces framed for the walls. Once we get everything put together and up I will post some pictures. 

Lounging around together! Samson is such a great big brother!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy last few days...

Well the last few days have been very eventful. Saturday we enjoyed relaxing around the house and that evening we took AG with us out to dinner at Shane's Rib Shack. On Sunday afternoon we decided to take AG to Berry for the first time. (Since it was so unseasonably warm!) We loaded up and headed to mountain campus. Once there we parked at Friendship and Caroline joined us for our little jaunt. Andy attempted to play fetch with Sammy at Pine Lodge field but he was more interested in sniffing/playing. AG snoozed the entire time.

This is what a happy pup looks like!

This morning started off with a bang! Samson decided to take a stroll down the street and Andy had to come home to locate him. After Andy headed back to work we went to lunch with AG's GrandMary aka Mary Niedrach. AG was a perfect lunch date...he snoozed right through lunch. Late this afternoon AG played on his Baby Einstein mat for the first time. He wiggled and moved under Samson's watchful eye. 

After dinner we gave AG his first bath in his big boy bathtub. Little man did great and enjoyed it up until Andy washed his head. His tub has a hammock that you can use when they are infants...we cracked up because AG was relaxing like he didn't have a care in the world. A picture is worth a thousand words so here is AG's bath time fun.  

My two favorite men!

"This bath is amazing!"
AG decided to start his own rain shower and Andy had to keep it from going everywhere.

All squeaky clean!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

All about AG...

Time is flying! We can't believe that AG has already been with us for 3 weeks. (Tomorrow.) In the last two weeks we have enjoyed getting to know our little man. He is truly a GREAT baby! Here are a few things we have discovered about our little man:

He rarely cries. (For this we are very grateful!) When he does it doesn't take much to quiet him.

AG is just like his Daddy when it comes to sleep! He can sleep just about anywhere and through anything...including Samson barking. This past week he went out to lunch four days in a row and he slept every single time. 

Already he is showing signs of being a wee bit stubborn! For example, this week he was trying to latch himself on to nurse. When I tried to give him some assistance he pushed me away. 

AG is a fan of football already because his favorite position to sleep in is with his arms in the touchdown position!

He enjoys spending time on his tummy. Since his first week at home he has been trying to roll over from his tummy to his back. He's quite strong and even his GiGi is impressed with his neck control.

AG does really well in the car and his car seat. Again, our boy is quite mellow and loves to hang out.

His mom is all about being on a schedule and AG is adjusting nicely. He is averaging between 3-4 hours in between feedings at night. 

He is not going to last much longer in the bassinet! This last week he started using his heels to push himself all the way up to the top of the mattress. 

The weather is suppose to be gorgeous this coming week so I am hoping we are going to be able to take full advantage of it. We are loving life!