Monday, January 26, 2009

A week old, already?!

So this last week has flown by! I can’t believe that AG’s already a week old! This past Thursday, we took AG for his first visit to the pediatrician. We have a wonderful doctor! (I actually taught her daughter at Saint Mary’s a couple of years ago.) She was very happy to see us in the hospital. There is a lot to be said for living in a small town! At his appointment we learned that he only lost 6 ounces from his birth and that he actually is longer than we thought! In the hospital they told Andy that he was 18.5 inches long but at his appointment we learned that he is actually 19.5 inches long.  Everything else went well and we go back this Thursday for a weight check with the lactation consultant.

Samson has done a fantastic job transitioning! Andy and I couldn’t be more pleased with him. I think his protective instincts are already kicking in. When AG cries he comes to investigate the situations gives him a lick and then goes back to what he was doing. When I nurse he enjoys laying next to us and being part of the moment. The other day I was nursing and Meg’s new pup Murphy was trying to get near us. Samson happened to be laying near us and wouldn’t let Murphy get past him! We are grateful that Samson has transitioned well. I am hoping that later this week when it warms up we can take them both out to Berry for a long walk.

Last night we gave AG his first sponge bath at home. Needless to say, he was not a huge fan of it! Even though he didn’t enjoy it we enjoyed watching him express himself. At one point he had almost rolled himself on to his tummy trying to get away from me. Which made Andy and I chuckle. We are loving every minute with him!

AG has...

Fuller Feet!

Since last Sunday, we have had many people ask us who AG looks like, what side does he favor, and where does his red hair come from! Well we know two things about our boy’s good looks to date. One…his red hair is from his grandfathers! Which is only fitting since he is named after both of them. Two…his feet are from my mom’s side of the family. The infamous Fuller Feet! (These have also been called on occasion “Fred Flintstone Feet”!)

So what exactly defines a “Fuller Foot” you might be wondering. The foot is long and has long toes to match the foot. The biggest sign that one has a Fuller foot is if one’s second toe is as long or longer than one’s big toe. The middle toe also follows this pattern. I have always been told that I look like a Gettis and it is true. Between my facial features, hair, and freckles I am my Dad and Aunt Joy. However, I have Fuller Feet! My second toe is longer than my big toe and my middle toe is just as long as my big toe. AG already has Fuller Feet! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The arrival of our little red head!

The Arrival of Austin Gary Edwards

Here is AG’s birth story or as his Aunt Meg would say, “Tiny E’s Wild Ride!”

Well on Friday, the 16th, I went to Kennesaw to get some last minute items that we needed. Andy asked Caroline to join me so that if I happened to go into labor that I would not be in labor by myself. I picked Caro up after she finished her classes at Berry and we headed to Target. After Target we hit the Babies ‘R’ Us and Caroline was overwhelmed with the amount of baby stuff one can find in Babies ‘R’Us! We had fun shopping and I made it home safely without going into labor. That night Andy and I had one last dinner date and we enjoyed spending the evening together. We came home and did last minute things around the house.

The next morning we got up and ran last minute errands around town. Samson went to visit his friend, Mecca, at the Sudsy Puppy to get a bath in honor of AG’s upcoming arrival. That evening our family began to arrive in shifts. My check in time was 8pm at Floyd Hospital. At check in I was 2cm and 50% effaced. I was started on cytotex to finish softening my cervix. After visiting with everyone for several hours we promised to call if anything changed over night.

The next morning they started the pitocin to help regulate my contractions into a consistent pattern. I spent the whole day at 3cm and 75% effaced. That evening at around 6pm they came in and broke my water. At around 7:30 I asked for an epidural because I was so hungry and tired. (And they didn’t think he would be here till the middle of the night at the earliest. Which meant I would only become even more tired and hungry.) My parents went back to the house to check on Samson and wait. By 8 my epidural was in place and they told me they’d come back around 9 to check me again. Around 9:15 they checked me and told me that I had progressed to 6cm and 90% effaced. However, it would still be around 1am they thought before I’d be ready to deliver. My nurse said, “well some women have been known to surprise us!” After she left it Andy headed to the waiting room to spend time with his mom and sister. My sisters stayed with me and within minutes we were laughing uncontrollably. Through my laughter I began to feel lots of pressure but kept telling myself it was nothing since the staff said it was going to take me awhile. At 9:45 I asked Misty to get my nurse because my pressure was extreme with instant nausea. She checked me and I was at 9.5cm! I hit 10cm immediately after she finished. They got everything ready and I began pushing at 10pm. I pushed for 33 minutes and he arrived with his fist on his cheek! The nurses then exclaimed that he had lots of red hair. (Which I was very excited about and had been hoping for the last 9months.)

Andy and I had talked before the delivery that we wanted to surprise my dad with the honor of being able to hold AG first. There were many reasons why…one being that he is named after him. My Dad was completely caught off guard and his face was priceless when we handed him his first grandchild!

We have been blessed beyond measure with this incredible gift from God. Andy and I are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives. (And to share it with all of you!) Thanks to all of you who shared in this occasion with us this weekend at the hospital. Also, thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This time next week...

...we'll have our little man home with us! We' are very excited. :) Things went well yesterday at the doctors appointment and they said anytime now! However, if not they are planning to induce me Saturday night due to my sciatica and swelling. So I've been busy around the house doing little projects and making sure everything is ready. While I have been nesting Andy has been working very hard at work. (Tax season starts Friday!) So as tax season approaches he has been working overtime to reach all of his clients and stay on top of all his work. We are looking forward to Andy having some time off in the coming weeks. As we get closer to this new chapter in our lives we've been savoring each moment together. (And spending some quality time with Samson.) Life as we know it will never be the same. :)

Since this blog is affectionately known as "Life with AG and Samson" I will share a quick story about Samson nesting. We have a collection of stuffed animals that are in AG's room. The other day I came home and a mini stuffed rabbit was laying on the bed in the guest room. (Samson had been sleeping with it.) He doesn't destroy the item he just relocates it. So today I came home from running errands and I came in the back door. Once I came in the door I noticed a set of stuffed penguins on the ottoman and on the floor next to them was a Snoopy. I chuckled and opted to do a quick walk through the house. In the guest bedroom I found Babar on the floor and Abu on the bed. (Yes, Abu the monkey from the Disney version of Aladdin.) Upon further inspection I noticed that Abu had a new, very wet, hairdo! Samson slicked the tuft of fur that is on the top of Abu's head into a spiky mohawk! I returned the animals to AG's room and gave Samson a quick squeeze. I guess Samson is nesting in his own way these days!


Monday, January 12, 2009

The family blog...

Where to begin...

I've been contemplating for sometime now starting a family blog about our comings and goings. So our families and friends can keep tabs on our new baby boy! (I figured this might be the best way for our families to stay involved with our daily happenings since they don't live in Rome.) So here is to Keeping up with the Edwards and our busy life. 

Hard to believe that Austin Gary is due any day now. Seems like just yesterday that  we found out we were expecting. We've been working hard on the house to get things ready for his upcoming arrival. Andy's latest projects have included refinishing furniture for the nursery, repainting the guest room, painting closets and doors, and refinishing the original glass hardware on the doors. (Along with hanging new blinds and a ceiling fan.) I have been helping to paint but mostly organizing things as we go. Trying to throw out and consolidate as much stuff as possible. Meanwhile, Samson has been his usual to mischief and making us laugh daily. We know that AG is going to be an adjustment for all of us but especially Samson. We are optimistic and hopeful that once he gets over the initial shock that he'll be AG's first friend. 

Tomorrow we head back to the doctor for my next check up. We should find out some more information about potentially being induced. The last few days have been really hard with my sciatica and the amount of swelling that I have been experiencing. As Michelle, my physical therapist, says the only thing that will remedy this is to deliver! Hopefully, AG will arrive soon. We are as ready as we'll ever be. There are still a few things that we need to do in the nursery but for the most part I'm pleased with how everything has come together. When we get everything done I will post some pictures.