Monday, March 30, 2009

Samson monitors tummy time...

Well this past week was pretty eventful with visits from Aunt Mary Ann, Aunt Caroline and cousin Ronnie, and Andy. AG enjoyed showing Andy his play mat and how it works. In addition to our visitors we took AG down to Atlanta to see a plastic surgeon about the hemangioma growing on his left arm. After meeting with Dr. Williams he decided the best course of action would be to go ahead and treat it. (He is concerned about how fast it is growing and that left untreated it could grow into his joint.) Fortunately, AG will be able to have surgery at the surgery center where his GiGi works. So tomorrow night we will head to Gwinnett after Andy finishes coaching. We'll spend the night with Granddad, GiGi, Aunt Mis, and Bernie. Early Wednesday morning we'll follow GiGi to work. Since AG is so young he'll be one of the first surgeries of the day. We should be back to Rome in the afternoon sometime. Pray that things go well and that AG recovers quickly.

On Saturday we headed to Calhoun to go to the outlets. (They have a great collection of children's stores...Carter's, Gymboree, The Childrens Place, Osh Kosh, Baby Gap, Baby Old Navy, and Polo.) AG was in need of some new clothes and an Easter outfit. He's close to 14lbs now! I think he gets heavier every time we pick him up. Anyways, I can't wait for him to wear his Easter outfit. He'll be stylin' in some plaid pants and a sweater vest! Oh, the joy and fun in dressing little boys.

Having fun with Andy under the sea.

Samson monitoring tummy time.

Samson told AG to keep up the good work and went back to his bone.

Worn out after a long day of playing hard.

Ready to eat after his bath...

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun with visitors...

This week AG had fun visiting with his Aunt Mary Ann, Aunt Caroline, and cousin Ronnie J. Mary Ann came and spent the day with us on Wednesday. We had lunch and then went for desert at Honeymoon Bakery. She couldn't get enough of AG who she nick named the "red headed stranger". Our visit wasn't long enough and we hope Aunt Mary Ann comes back soon.

On Thursday night Aunt Caroline and cousin Ronnie spent the night. Caroline and I had fun taking pictures of AG and Ronnie together. I was hoping to take a picture of the two of them in my childhood rocking chair together...but AG was not having it! So we had to put 'em on the couch together. We kept laughing at them because one minute Ronnie was happy and AG was upset then the would switch. I love the picture of Ronnie trying to taste AG's head! I'm grateful that they will be able to grow up together and are only five months apart. They are growing so quickly! Before we know it they will be running around and playing together. (And causing mischief and mayhem!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

First long family car ride...

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that I figured out how to post a slideshow in this post. If it doesn't work then it's back to the drawing board! :)

Our week and weekend were very busy! AG had his two month checkup on Wednesday and did great with his shots. Can't believe how fast time is flying! That afternoon our dear friends Rick and Lucia came over to spend time with AG. It was wonderful to spend some time catching up with them. We are very blessed to have some many wonderful people around us. Our life here is very rich because of the people that are involved with our family.

We missed not having dinner with Aunt Caro at Moe's on Thursday. (She was on spring break.) So we had dinner with Ginny, Amanda, and Miss Emma. Since the weather was so glorious we sat outside. AG was still worn out from his shots the day before and slept right through our meal. We enjoyed "chatting" with Emma while she enjoyed her dinner. I can't believe how big she is and that she'll be a year old before we know it!

Friday, we loaded up the Acadia and headed to Gwinnett for the weekend. AG did well for his first big car trip! (Even though it was only an hour and twenty minutes away.) Samson was not a fan of being regulated to the back seat now that AG's in the middle. We had a wonderful weekend visiting with family and showing off our Little Man. (As his GiGi has taken to calling him that.) AG was a popular guy and was passed around all weekend. He loved every minute of it! Samson kept Bear and Murphy in check for the weekend.

Saturday afternoon was special to me because we took AG to meet my Grandmother, MeMe. Even though she no longer knows who I am I am grateful that we were able to snap pictures of her and AG together. It means a lot to me. She loved his red hair and took to calling him Mr. Red or just Red. I hope we can take him down to see her again, soon. Saturday, evening AG got to spend some time with his other great grandmother, his GranNan. He enjoyed showing off for her and "talking" with her.

This week AG is looking forward to meeting his Great Aunt Mary Ann! The rest of our week should be pretty low key. I'm hoping to get some spring cleaning done around the house. We'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Month Check-up

Well, we just got home from AG's two month check-up and he is out cold! Our little man received his first round of vaccines this morning and he was a trooper. He cried just a little bit and then fell asleep in my arms.  AG is huge! He is now 23 inches and 3/4 of inch long. So he grew almost 2 inches this month and is in the 75-90% for his height. Little man now weighs 12lbs 3 oz and is in the 50-75% for his weight. He gained almost 3lbs this month. His doctor is quite pleased with his development. She predicts that he will be rolling over soon. (He kept trying to get up on his knees on the examining table while holding up his torso with his arms!) Can't believe how fast he is growing these days. Now that I know how big he is I can order him his John-John from Kelly's Kids for the beach this summer. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. 

2 month picture in Mom's rocking chair.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sammy Shares...

Well, we had a great week. Sunday, we went to church and then headed to Ridge Ferry Park for Potluck in the Park.  Afterwards we headed to Kennesaw to run a few errands. We ordered Andy’s new irons from the PGA Superstore. He can’t wait for them to arrive so that he can try them out. (He’s already talking about when to get AG his first set of clubs!) On Monday, AG and I went to dinner with Mary and Julie at Panera. Julie and Mary enjoyed passing him back and forth the whole evening! AG loved every minute of it.

            Tuesday, the weather was glorious and we headed to Berry to walk with Stephanie. (And AG’s future playmate Baby Young!) We walked all over main campus and AG slept the whole time. Wednesday, we had an early dinner at the Dwarf House before running a few errands around town. That evening J.Michael and Greg came over to visit and meet AG. J.Michael informed us that he got accepted to USC for his masters and he moves to Cali in July. We are very excited for him and very proud of him! He’s already planning our itinerary for when we come to visit.

            Thursday, I met up with my friend Leslie who I taught with at St. Mary’s. We had breakfast at Great Harvest and enjoyed catching up. (We are really two peas in a pod...we had a good laugh when we realized we both had purchased GMC Acadias! They are identical 'cept Leslie's is white with an Auburn license plate.) AG and I headed to campus after breakfast to apply for alumni memberships to the Cage for Andy and me. Since we were on campus we decided to see what Aunt Caro was up to and headed to Krannert. AG had his first experience in the “Chicken Corner” AKA the area in the student center where all the WinShape students hang out. He was quite content to be passed around and visit with everyone.

            Friday, we had lunch with Ginny and AG’s friend Emma. I look forward to when AG is old enough to play with Emma. (It’ll be here before we know it!) After running errands we came home to see a very happy pup! Samson was so excited to see us that he ran to get one of his bones. (He has gotten in the habit of running to pick something up and show it off when someone comes in the house.) He then proceeded to put his bone in AG’s lap. Sammy just had to share with his brother! The whole situation amused me.

Well, this week AG goes to the doctor for his two-month check-up and he will get his first round of vaccines. We are very curious to see how much he weighs and how long he is. In the last two weeks he has really “filled” out and is already starting to wear 6-month clothing items! This coming weekend we are hoping to head to Gwinnett to visit the Gettis clan. We are hoping that AG does well traveling in the car that long and with Sammy riding next to him. Should be interesting!

            Changes in our little man:

~He’s holding his head up and his neck control is really improving

~He’s smiling and babbling more and more each day

~He notices himself in the mirror

~He’s enjoying being able to reach/grab at the items on his playmat

~He’s very observant and likes to focus in on things…he can be very serious!

~In the last week when he starts to get upset his bottom lip quivers and frowns

~He’s discovered his hand

~He’s out grown the hammock for his tub and can now “sit” in his tub during bath time

Smiling and looking like my Granddaddy because Sammy shared his bone with me!

If we only knew what our little man was thinking!

A smile for the girls.

Spending time with Erin and Caroline.
Spending time with Greg.
Chatting with J.Michael about his future in the film industry.
Look how long I am...
Splish! Splash! Takin' a bath!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Busy, busy...

So the last two weeks have slipped right through my fingers and I haven't posted pictures or what we've been up to! But that's how some weeks are, right?

Well this past weekend AG's Nanny came to visit for the weekend. AG was much bigger than the last time she saw him! They enjoyed snuggling on the couch together. Our visit was cut short due to the threat of in-climate weather that seemed to affect everywhere but Rome! And through all of this AG was in the middle of his six week growth spurt. However, he made it and now we can't wait to see how big he is at his next appointment.

On Monday, our sweet fiend Carrie Jo came over to do pictures of AG! She took a ton and AG did well. We were able to see all sides of him happy, sleepy, sad, and grumpy. Samson even joined in on the fun! She did a great job and we can't wait to see them once she finishes editing them. We'll keep you posted.

On Tuesday, AG ran out of "fun tickets" as my friend Ginny would say. We had been out running errands and walking at the mall with AG's friend Addison and her mom Stacie. Afterwards, I was trying to get to the grocery store to pick up what we needed for dinner this week. Didn't happen and AG "found his lungs" according to his father. (He still rarely cries but when he does we now know that he has a set of pipes.) Luckily, Aunt Caroline lives around the corner and she came to the rescue! Don't know what we'd do without her!

Wednesday was a special day! I took AG out to Berry Elementary for the first time and he got to spend some quality time with his GrandMary. We spent the whole afternoon out there and AG met all of the kindergartners. At one point Mary asked the class what grade they would be in when AG came to kindergarten. She received a chorus of "first grade!" from all of them. We cracked up because they will actually be in 6th grade by the time AG gets to kindergarten. That evening Caroline and Jason came over for dinner and to hang out.

Since Andy coaches on Thursday nights we have a standing dinner date with Caroline at Moe's for college night! This week was no exception. Today our dear friend, Dorian Focks, stopped by on his way to Huntsville to meet AG. I am amazed and grateful that through every season of life certain people or families are constants in my life. I love that my life is so rich and filled with so many memories because of them! I can't wait to see years from now who the constants are in my children's lives. If you've been a constant in my life thank you! 

Here are pictures from the last few weeks:

Giving Pastor Dorian a big smile for coming to meet me.

I enjoy talking with my GrandMary!

Aunt Caro was my first babysitter because Mom said I was out of "fun tickets" and she needed to go to the grocery store! 

Samson enjoying a well deserved belly scratch after posing for pictures with Carrie Jo.

Waiting for snow is hard work...too bad it never came.

Spending some quality time with my Nanny.

Andy reading The Lorax in honor Dr. Seuss' birthday!

AG wearing his new outfit in honor of spring training.