Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our year in review...

Here's a look back at all the major highlights from 2011. It was quite memorable:

January brought us snow, ice, and AG's 2nd birthday.

 February brought us Andy's birthday and Thrahers hockey.

 March brought us the wedding of my youngest sister and one last trip to Disney before Avi-Kate joined us.

 April brought us the arrival of cousin Delia, Easter, horrible weather--with a night stuck in the bathroom due to tornados, Baseball season starting up, and the wedding of my middle sister. (No pics from Meg's wedding!)

 May brought us lots of nesting projects. Building AG's book cases and restyling his room.

 June brought the arrival of our sweet baby girl. And adjusting to life with two!

 Avi-Kate is named after our dear friend Avi.

 In July we were crazy and drove to the beach for the week with my family...not our smartest choice with a five week old. Live and learn! AG gave up his paci by accidentally flushing it down the toilet. We  also had fun play dates with Briggs and Emma. 

 In August, J. Michael returned for a short visit, our front steps got a makeover, and our students returned to start the school year.

 In September, we became UGA season ticket holders and spent lots of time this fall in Athens, we took our bowling skills to the next level, Avi-Kate became more photogenic, and Samson became a daily napper in the master bedroom. 

 October brought us a glorious Mountain Day weekend with friends, family, and our students. Birthday fun with AG, fall rocking chair pictures of Avi-Kate, a fun photo shoot at Berry with all the cousins, pumpkin carving with our students, and trick or treating.

November we headed to ATL to see Santa before the crowds, Thanksgiving with our students, five month pictures of Avi-Kate, and Thanksgiving in the mountains with my family.

 December we spent time decorating and redecorating our Christmas tree since AG pulled it over, twice! We also spent Christmas with both families. 

This year flew by and it amazes me looking back at how much we learned, grew, and changed. I'm grateful for all the we experienced and am joyfully looking forward to next year.