Thursday, May 20, 2010

A thought for Thursday

So I took this photo last week when AG woke up from his nap...Andy and I are loving this new phase that AG is in. We laugh constantly. Things are never dull in the Edwards household...

Monday, May 3, 2010

The whirlwind that is life these days...

So to catch the blog back up to speed and jump back on the blog bandwagon I've opted for bullet we go:

-Growing like crazy and soaking up life like a sponge.
-Vocabulary is expanding. When talking with the ped at his 15 month check-up she asked about his vocabulary and I laughed. We've discovered that AG can talk but it has to be on his terms. He will not repeat after someone like most toddlers. Rather you'll be going about your day and hear him say a phrase correctly like, " I did it" when he opens his bedroom door from his crib. Or "throw it again" to some college guys playing ball with him outside. So our sweet red head has the independent stubborn streak that most red heads are known for. This weeks new favorite word is "Ga-gie"= Doggie.
-He's quite the thinker and analyzes everything everywhere we go.
-Loves to climb on to stuff and is putting his new playhouse to good use.
-He safely puts things away for me sometimes leaving mommy to wonder where that safe spot is.
-He has a sense of humor and laughs in appropriate spots when we read.
-He loves to read and will pull books out of his book baskets and spread them all over the floor of his room and the den...and then "read" them.
-His new favorite fruit for this year is strawberries.
-His hair is finally growing! And now that it is coming in people ask if it has always been this red. To which I respond with yes it's just the number of hairs is actually multiplying! Also, while we are talking about his hair we can't go anywhere without being asked about it. We get lots of compliments and lots of questions about, "where did he get that gorgeous red hair?!"
-At his 15 month appointment he was 27+ lbs placing him in the 85% percentile. Since he is doing so well weight wise we don't have to stay on whole milk for much longer. She wants us to knock down to 2% at 18 months and be on skim by his 2nd birthday.

-Gearing up for the new sales season at work and prepping for the office's big move in July to Kennesaw.
-Trying to get to the club every chance he gets to practice his golf game...he's looking forward to playing lots of golf at the beach next month.

-Finished up mentoring for the semester at Model High School. Looking forward to being able to mentor again in the fall. Should be interesting because the students I had for student teaching at Model Elementary will be our students to mentor this coming school year.

Around the House:
-I'm in a mass spring cleaning mode and getting rid of stuff left and right. Along with this I'm also organizing things. The last few years things have been chaotic with remodeling and so I haven't had the chance to put things in order the way I would like for them to be because we were constantly moving stuff from room to room while doing projects. Now that we are in the home stretch I've got the itch to get things the way I want them.
-Speaking of spring cleaning we have to clean the screen porch each spring after the bulk of the tree pollen falls. We pulled all the porch furniture off and scrubbed it this weekend. It's drying out and we are going to rub it down with teak oil. I've washed all the cushion covers and febreezed 'em. We need to scrub down the porch and then put it all back together. I'm looking forward to it so that we can start using it again and so I can stick my plants back outside. (They've been in all winter and it's finally warm enough to move them back out to the porch till October.)
-We've been cleaning out the side yard between us and our neighbor Keely. There's lots of scrub trees, vines, over growth, etc. and we've been working hard to clear it out.
-I've moved some plants around and am looking to get some annuals in to the front bank hopefully in the next few days. We've got some new shrubs to get in the ground as well. Oh, how I love to work in my yard. Once we get everything situated I'll post some pictures. (That and if I can find where AG hid the camera cable so that I can upload them!)
-Lowes had a huge sale on top soil a week ago and Andy bought a ton to put in the back yard so that we can start landscaping it. That's on the agenda for the summer...
-We've also got several piece of furniture to finish refinishing on the to do list.
-I'm looking forward to my hydrangeas blooming in the coming weeks and and having fresh cut flowers in the house all summer long. Last summer I had fresh cut hydrangeas in every room I think and it was glorious. This year my hydrangeas are looking like they will produce 2 or 3 times what they did last year.

-Our students came by the week of finals for one last family dinner. It was fabulous to be together one last time before leaving for the summer. We also did Chick-fil-A night and one last girls night. I have pictures but again I need my camera cable to be able to upload...
-We are leaving for the beach in a month with my family and looking forward to all being together for a week.
-Our fall family vacation with the Edwards is officially on the books. We'll be headed to Williamsburg for a week in October and I'm looking forward to taking AG for the first time. William and Mary will be playing at home while we are there so I think we might even take AG to his first Tribe football game. Howl-O-Scream will be going on at Busch Gardens and I think we are planning to take a day there. Last August, when Andy and I were there, we talked about how much fun AG would have in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun area...should be twice as much fun since cousin Ronnie J will be with us.
-Speaking of sweet Ronnie J...we are excited that the Perkins are moving to GA next month! Andy and I are ecstatic to have his sister Caroline, brother-in-law Tommy, and cousin Ronnie J in Macon.

I'm sure there is more I should post but at the moment my brain is fried. I've been sick all week and on antibiotics that are not working. I've called for a change of prescription and am waiting on that. Anyways, this entry is postdated because I started it a week ago and then never got to finish it. So life these days is constantly on the go. We are busy, busy. I'm looking forward to the pool opening at the club in a few weeks...AG and I will be there on a daily basis I'm sure.

Four years, really?

Four years ago we tied the knot...
To celebrate I thought I'd share four photos that are significant to our lives or things that I'm proud of...

First, would be our house! Wow. We bought it after we'd been married a year and we have almost completely redone the whole thing. No small feat. I'm proud of what our home has become and what we've learned along the way.
Second, would be our students. Over the last four years we have opened our home to dozens of students and I'm really grateful that they have been able to seek refuge in our home while they discover who they are in college. (I could do a whole slide show of just them...) Life is meant to be shared and I'm blessed we get to share it with them on a daily basis.
Third, on my top four list would be AG. This last year of our marriage has been so much richer because of our handsome, little red head. I can't imagine life without him in it. This photo sums up our last year of marriage perfectly. Joyful.
Lastly, I'm proud of how hard my husband works. One of my proudest moments was just weeks ago when I got to see him awarded at his company's President's Achievement Club trip in Maui. Andy you are an incredible husband, father, and dedicated business man...I'm so proud of you. Thanks for sharing life with me these last four years.