Thursday, April 23, 2009

AG's first baseball game...

Wow! So this last week flew by. Some days I don't know where the time goes. Here's our last week in review. Last Thursday, we had dinner at Moe's like normal and then headed to Berry to hear Tony Dungy speak at The Cage. AG enjoyed being passed around and spending time with some of his favorite college girls. Friday, we decided to get together with friends and head to the Rome Braves. AG had his first baseball game with his friends Emma and Briggs. We had a lot of fun with all three munchkins. There was an older church group in front of us. Well throughout the evening they would turn around and ask about our babies. It was sweet. One of the gentlemen said he enjoyed this age so much he keeps this age in the nursery every Sunday morning. Well later in the evening Briggs was enjoying his jar of baby food on Julie's lap. Towards the end he wanted to help himself and reached for the spoon. In the process the food on the spoon went flying and landed on the woman in front of us! Yes, she had a nice orange accessory added to her back compliments of Briggs! We all tried to keep from busting out laughing while Josh found a burp cloth to wipe it up with. He then leaned forward, cleaned it up, and apologized profusely. Never a dull moment when you have 3 babies at a ball game. At the end of the game one of the gentleman left the row and then came back and handed AG a small Rome Braves towel. Oh, how I love living in a small town with great friends and friendly neighbors.

On Saturday, I took AG to Berry to take some three month pictures. I can't believe he is three months old. Andy coached in Newnan on Saturday while AG and I were on campus. Sunday AG hit his three month growth spurt! Our normally very happy baby had typical growing insatiable appetite, erratic sleeping patterns, and was very fussy. 

Monday, Emma came to play for the day with AG and Samson. They enjoyed smiling and making faces with each other back and forth. Samson did really well having mobile child around the house. He was a little unsure when Emma started crawling after him but he came back gave her a lick and went on his way. The other thing that was amusing was Samson's affection that day for AG. He usually gives AG a lick or two a day but when Emma was over he was super affectionate. Every so often he would come into see what they were up to and then lick AG. Almost as if to let Emma know that was his little brother. Later that evening we enjoyed having Erik over for dinner and to hang out.

And now as we end the week AG's growth spurt has come to an end! (Thankfully!) We suspect he gained a pound this week. We weighed him over the weekend and he was 14 pounds and this morning the scale was registering at 15 pounds. What a chunky little monkey! He has gone back to sleeping 10+ hours a night and being our fun loving little man. It's amazing how quickly Andy I adjusted to AG sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old. And now 3 weeks later when he hits a growth spurt and gets up twice a night for several nights in a row Andy and I are worn out! (Out of shape...I guess.) How quickly things change from day to day and week to week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So the last few days have been filled with parties. Tuesday night we went to a going away party for our friend Amanda. She is heading back to Kenya to run Camp Blue Sky. It was great to spend the evening with our friends and celebrate Amanda. We look forward to seeing you when you return this winter...till then we look forward to keeping up with you through your blog! We love you!

The next day was Tax Day! (Since Andy sells tax software he had our taxes done at the beginning of tax season. So no late night dash to the post office for us.) A couple of weeks earlier I had found out that there would be a Tax Day Tea Party held in Rome. So I packed AG up in the Baby Bjorn and headed downtown to give him his first lesson in history and civics. There was a decent turn out considering how cold and overcast it was. There were a lot of children there and I enjoyed watching parents teaching their school age children first hand about our history, life, and our rights as Americans. As one of my favorite characters, Anne Shirley, would say, "All of life's lessons are not learned in school. Life teaches them everywhere." How true. Afterwards, we headed to the Dwarf House to eat lunch with Andy and tell him about our adventure. 

Tonight we are headed to campus to hear Tony Dungy speak at The Cage. Should be great...apparently the event is sold out. Hard to believe this week is almost over. This weekend Andy has to coach and I am hoping to get some yard work done. I finally think we are in the clear and I can plant my plants. (Berry had a huge plant sale a couple of weeks ago and I haven't planted anything because the weather has been all over the place. Fortunately, everything survived the hail storm this past weekend.) Here are some pictures from our adventures:

AG with our sweet friend, Amanda.
AG showing his "TEA'd Off" face at the Tea Party here in Rome.
Tea Party near the river downtown.
The teacher within me loves to see children learning hands on.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Swimming Laps and Puppy Yaps

Two humorous stories to share...

Samson Visits the Car Wash
So, the pollen has been horrendous this year and my husband requested that I get my car washed. I had been putting it off because every time I was free to do it these last few weeks it would be raining or about to rain. Last week I had to take Andy his soccer gear to work so that he could leave straight from work to go coach. I decided that Samson could accompany AG and I on this errand. (He enjoys riding in the car.) While dropping off Andy's clothes he once again asked me to get my car washed. I decided to get it over with and appease my husband. Oh, and let it be known that it was quite cold that day. So when I show up to go through the car wash the man who helps guide your car in to the wash and puts tape on your back wiper blade was bundled up. And I mean bundled up! Thick jacket, hood pulled up over his head, dark aviators on, etc. He looked like the unibomber!  Samson begins to bark like his life depends on it while we enter the car wash. Up until this point AG had been sleeping peacefully but Sambo's barking woke him up. So there I am with a shrieking child and a pup barking ballistically all while trapped in my car in the car wash. I did the only thing I could do. I called Andy and put it on speaker phone so that he could join in on the fun! So the moral of this story is...only visit the car wash with your baby and dog in tow if you want to loose a few hairs.

AG Takes a Swim in his Crib
Sunday night we put AG in his crib like normal (in the middle) and he drifted off to sleep within moments. Around five in the morning we are awoken on the monitor by AG making lots of noise. We gave him a few minutes before heading in to check on him. After listening to him for awhile I decided to see what he was up to. I began to chuckle when I saw my son. He had scooted all the way up and then took a left at the top of his crib. So he was now lying parallel with the top of his crib and he was trying to turn to head back down the way he came. Only problem was that his Seahorse, from Aunt Gwen, was in his way. Oh, sweet little man. You are getting so big and you never cease to make us laugh...even in the middle of the night!

AG and his Knuffle Bunny

Well, the weekend started off with a bang. Friday afternoon we went to the mall with Aunt Caroline to shop and get out of the house. We originally were going to go in the evening and have dinner but changed plans because the weather was expected to be horrible. That was the understatement of the century! We were finishing up an early dinner when Caroline received a call saying that the tornado sirens were going off at Berry. (Which is two minutes from the mall!) So we headed home and Caro headed to campus. We arrived home just in time before the sky let loose. Minutes later it began hailing and it sounded like artillery fire on our house. Samson began barking like crazy when it started hailing. The whole time AG was just chilling in my arms and taking it all in. Meanwhile, Andy was in Atlanta for the Braves home opener. The weather let up later in the evening but not before we received golf ball sized hail and almost two inches of rain.

Saturday, was very busy! We did breakfast at Rome's new coffee shop, The Nest, with AG's friends Briggs and Emma. In the afternoon we went to a baby shower for our friend Kira. While we were gone Andy took a long nap to catch up on his lack of sleep the night before. (He didn't get home from the game till after 3.) That evening we had a nice dinner at the Hungry Bull aka Longhorn. Shortly after we got back to the house Samson's cousins arrived, Bear and Murphy. (Along with GiGi, Granddad, and Aunt Meg.)

Easter Sunday was wonderful! We went to church and AG was stylin' in his Easter outfit. Afterwards, we headed home to eat lunch and watch the Masters before everyone had to head home. I enjoyed taking AG's picture with his Knuffle Bunny. Next Easter AG will be running around taking part in his first egg hunt. In many ways that seems so far away and, yet, I know that it will be here before I know it. He's growing up so quickly.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Knuffle Bunny on the way...

This week AG has started spending time in his BeBe Pod. (A seat that is just his size!) This morning I was able to put the tray attachment and toy on for the first time. AG is quite the thinker. He sat and stared at it for several minutes and then realized he could make it move. He really enjoyed watching it move and make noise.

We are looking forward to having breakfast with Briggs and Emma on Saturday. Should be fun to have all three of them together. We are also looking forward to having Granddad, GiGi, Aunt Meg, Bear, and Big Al come join us for Easter. I'm excited about AG's Easter Basket. I opted for some new books since he can't eat candy. AG's getting the book Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems and I found a stuffed Knuffle Bunny to go with it! Along with two Max and Ruby books. (I couldn't help myself...guess it is the teacher in me!) Next week AG will be 3 months old! Hard to believe. I think we'll try and take his 3 month pics out at Berry. Be on the lookout for them. Hope everyone is well and having a great week.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our HeMan!

Well AG's surgery went well on Wednesday! For that we are very grateful! Tuesday, we headed to Gwinnett to spend the night so we wouldn't have to drive as far on Wednesday morning. AG enjoyed spending time with Aunt Mis and cousin Bernie. Aunt Mis could not believe how much AG had grown since the last time she saw him! Bernie was sad that Samson did not come down to visit and play.

On Wednesday, we arrived at the surgery center a little after 6:30 in the morning. (Fortunately, AG did well considering he hadn't eaten anything since midnight!) AG was the "celebrity rockstar" and his GiGi enjoyed showing him off to her colleagues. (They ended up sticking us in the conference room instead of the waiting room so that people could come meet AG.) AG was only gone for about twenty minutes or so before he was brought to us in the Post-Op room. They were able to laser and give him the injection without any complications. As Andy said they went in and took the -gioma out so that AG would just be a HeMan! We were back in Rome by midmorning. AG spent the rest of the day recovering. Each day he is getting better and his arm is looking much better. We were able to see a difference immediately after surgery. The coloring is changing and each day it is looking smaller. The doctor is hopeful that he won't have to have another treatment. We should know in 2-4 weeks if he will have to. We are optimistic that he won't.

Last night Andy and I gained a new appreciation for our wonderful little man! He is still trying to get back on schedule and last night was the first time (ever!) he stayed awake after his middle of the night feeding. He slept very little yesterday during the day and was exhausted by the time the evening rolled around. We put him down and he slept till 3:45. We got up fed him and gave him his next dose of Tylenol. For whatever reason he just wouldn't let himself go back to sleep. We spent the next two hours trying to put our crying baby back to sleep! Needless to say, Andy and I were not use to this and have a new appreciation to all of you who have dealt with an unhappy baby in the middle of the night!

Thanks to all of the AMAZING staff at Meridian Mark for such a wonderful experience! We are so blessed to have a top pediatric hospital at our fingertips.

I love my boys...

...this photo makes me smile.