Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Planning/To Do

Years ago I stumbled upon a blog by a mom in Massachusetts and I was instantly taken with her writing style. Here I am several years later still reading and enjoying her daily musings. Weeks ago I made a mental note to go flip back in Dawn's archives to find a 'Fall Checklist' that she had posted a few years back. Yesterday, I started flipping back and had to stop to attend to the kids. I made a note to come back to it when I had a few minutes uninterrupted. ;) Ha, uninterrupted time...what is that?!?! Anyways, today I happened to check her blog only to find out that she decided to repost that list from a few years back. Perfect timing! If you want to see Dawn's list click here. Below is my list that I've tweaked to fit my needs. A few things have been changed and several things added...projects I've already started will have notes in red. In no particular order here we go:

* Launder down comforter, autumn duvet and shams. Pulled out the fall/winter bedding for the master bedroom today and started washing it. Putting it on the bed tomorrow since I always change our sheets on Fridays. I love having a clean bed heading in to the weekend. 
* Buy new flannel sheets, Christmas sheets for the kids beds. Waiting on a good sale...hopefully, in the next few weeks. We had worn out all our other sheets and so it's time for some new ones. Plus, I'd love to get some Christmas themed sheets for the kids.
* Review housekeeping routines; adjust as necessary.
* Check on snow gear: boots, jackets, pants, hats, gloves, etc. If anybody needs new things, purchase or order them now. (Not a huge priority but it doesn’t hurt to have stuff on hand in case we get snow.)
* Same goes for winter pajamas and slippers.
* Tweak the menu plan to reflect the season - heartier meals, fall fruits and veggies.
* Schedule a work-in-the-yard Saturday to rake, clean up garden debris, store outdoor furniture, etc. Might have to be little by little due to the craziness that is football season...should be done by Mtn. Day Weekend.
* Plant spring bulbs (snowdrops, crocus, daffodils, tulips) before the ground freezes.
* Plan a fall foliage jaunt for one Sunday afternoon to Berry.
* Prepare homemade cocoa mix, mulling spice bundles and replenish tea drawer as necessary.
* Visit the farmers market for autumn keepers: apples, onions, potatoes, squash. Berry usually has one in the fall.
* Plan Fall Break Trip. Planned...Disney for at least 4 nights possibly 5.
* Schedule cars for regular maintenance. Acadia is due for a tune-up...will be done before we head to Disney in a few weeks.
* Plan out football game weekend plans for UGA homegames. Finalized for the most part.
* Plan a night to visit the county fair. Coosa Valley Fair runs October 2-6 this year.
* Stop by Starbucks for a fall treat. :)
* Head to Starbucks the week before Thanksgiving to buy 2012 Holiday ornaments.
* Put away summer outside activities. (Pool, water table, etc. Winterize sandbox)
* Inventory craft supplies and note what needs replenishing. (Keep in mind holiday projects with the kids and long dark winter days ahead.)
* Stock up on cold and flu season necessaries: vitamins/supplements, herbal teas, honey drops, medicines.
* Make birdfeeders with the kids to hang in the tree out back so they can watch the birds from the big window in the den.
* Arrange fall mums, asters and pumpkins around front steps. Needs to be done before Mtn. Day Weekend.
* Begin a holiday planner - assemble Thanksgiving and Christmas lists, etc.
* Fall family picture session. Planned and booked with Carrie Jo.
* Fresh pinestraw for the outside beds.
* Launder cozy throw blankets; store in large basket handy to gathering areas.
* Set out fall book baskets. Pulled these out today and began brainstorming where I want them to go this year.
* Set out autumn decor including table linens, candles, garlands and candles with seasonal filler. Started working on this last to come.
* Decide on Halloween costumes early, allow for any orders/delivery time. AG has requested Peter Pan and Tinker Bell for this year...I'm just waiting to find a good sale but in reality I need to order them and soon. We leave for Disney in a month and they get to trick or treat while we are there.
* Set up a gratitude tree ahead of Thanksgiving. Been mulling how I want to do it this year...still thinking this one out. 
* Make and freeze pie crusts and sugar cookie dough for the holidays.
* Buy Christmas stamps at the end of October.
* Fall toys rotated out of the attic.
* Find a skinny, pre-lit alpine tree for our Jesse Tree ornaments. Must have by Thanksgiving so that we can start when return from Disney on time.
* Start decorating for Christmas before we head to the farm for Thanksgiving since we will be gone to Disney on vacation. Crazy but necessary this year. It won't be all done but there is a huge chunk that I can start on before we leave. That way when we return we can get our tree and do the outside that first weekend back. 
* Visit Bath and Body Works to get hand soaps for all the sinks and a fall candle. Hand soaps purchased already and put out. Candles I've been waiting till September because I have a coupon. :)
* Inventory food and organize the freezer. Done. 
* Map out fall semester Family Dinners with the college family. Done and I've already got tentative dates for a few of them. 
* Prepare for Mtn. Day Weekend (Berry’s Homecoming of sorts.) Mtn. Day plans are in full swing since it is a month away! We are hosting a party here on that Saturday night...I'm really excited about all the people coming up/back this year. Should be a great weekend.
* Make pumpkin seeds after carving pumpkins in late October.


  1. Steal away! I love a good list...I know you do too! :D

  2. Thanks Katie for getting me in gear and thinking about what I need to be doing this next week! If only I could kick everyone out of the house for 2 days and just get it all done at once! What a dream world that would be! Hope you are having fun getting ready for fall!

  3. Most welcome Grace! :) I understand on needing everyone out of the house. Although, I will say in the last few weeks I've been amazed at what I can tackle while AG is in school for those few short hours. Hopefully, you'll find that same rhythm now that Samuel is off to school. Are y'all coming down for Mtn. Day? Would love to see you guys.